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Landing Squeeze Page Writing

Does your Landing & Squeeze Page serve the purpose?

Landing page and Squeeze page are the two most important pages as far as internet marketing of your website is concerned. These two pages have different purposes. The true purpose of landing page of your website is to promote the sales of your services and products. Online visitors are directed to the landing page. The objective of the landing page is to make the visitors to buy something. It should be kept in mind that the landing page must be designed in such a way that the readers are not distracted from the real objective of the page. The page can contain some images for demonstrating the value and claims of services and products. The squeeze page, on the other hand, is simpler. It is used to collect fundamental information like the email address of the visitor. Landing & squeeze page mainly deal with conversion. Conversion goals of the landing & squeeze page are:

♦ An event registration

♦ A consultation request

♦ Information asset (like membership, email series) subscription

♦ Trial of services and products

♦ Podcast and video access

BulkSeo optimizes your Landing & Squeeze page effectively

Landing & squeeze pages are direct marketing tools. We understand the mindset of an online visitor and use effective strategies for increasing the sales of your services and products. For writing the content of your landing & squeeze pages we use special techniques that meet your requirements:

♦ The headline connects to the keyword: The landing & squeeze pages are not meant for creative writing. We write the headline with such care that they connect to the expectation of the visitor. The headline is specific to the requirements of the visitor.

♦ We focus only on the offer you provide: We only provide information about your offer. We do not write the content for attracting the visitors to up sell, cross-sell, and meander into related territories.

♦ We use action words: We include phrases like “Save time…”, “Get insights…”, “Learn how to…”, etc for clearing the doubts that come to the user’s mind.

♦ We showcase the value of the offer: A visitor becomes a lead only when he/she completes the form. Therefore we highlight the offer’s value several times by using captions and subheads.

♦ Our contents are very clear and lucid: We write the contents with clear directions such that the readers are easily guided. Our contents are to the point and are comprehensible.

♦ We use bullets for clearly listing the benefits of the services and products offered by your website. This creates a great impression on the mind of the visitor.

So don’t just wait and watch! Avail our landing & squeeze page copywriting services now!

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