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Refund Policy

We provide our service with full satisfaction and all our services completely enclosed with money back assurance. In case if you are not satisfied with the quality of our work you can report to us within 2 days and our dedicated working team will look in to the issue and we will try dedicatedly to solve the problem.

If you are asking for refund then you will be getting the money back only in the following cases-

1. If you are not pleased with the sample of the work then you are free to ask your total money back.

2. Incase if we are not capable to start your project on time or if we did not start the project at all within 15 days you will get all your money back.

3. If you want to stop starting the project by us you can contact us within 24 hours after making the payment. In that case you will get your full money refunded back.

4. If you are not satisfied with the not done portion of any project you can stop the project at that moment and we will refund you accordingly.

You will get no refund in the following cases given below-

1. On Bulk SEO content writing; you will be charged 50% of the total fees until you approve the mock writing. Once you have approved the work and we have begun the project you will get no refund in this case.

2. We do not repay on incomplete months on any returning month-to-month service. If you are cancelling the work before starting of the month after your payment, we will refund you the total money of the month. But before you cancel the deal with us, give us a chance to proof us as a better SEO service provider.

3. If we complete the given work and then you ask for refund then there will be no refund in such case. You can cancel a work in the time of progress but in that case the payment will not refund for the work already done by our team.

4. If the given information by you about the work is wrong, and after getting the report of the work if you get unsatisfied and ask for money refund it will not be possible to give the money back.

5. Due to any kind of violation of our company policy if the work get terminated you will get no refund in such case.

If in any case you are not getting the service satisfaction, you can freely contact us in our given contact information. Our aim is to provide an honest and faithful content service to our client.

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