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Simple Formula To Write Blog

It has been seen that 77% of the internet readers read blogs while surfing through the net. There are about 12 million people in the blogging site. Most of them are reading blogs through various social networking sites. Therefore blogging can be considered as the future of marketing.

For a marketer, it is important to do blogging in an efficient manner to increase popularity of their websites and products. However it is not easy to create an engaging blog with search engine optimization. Various techniques apart from SEO are applied in order to make the blog stand out in the sea of million blogs online. More than 6.7 million people are writing blogs. They have to stay original with their writings in order to grab the attention of the reader.

Blogging is not a science. However there are few steps that you can apply in order to make your blog more effective. Following steps can be applied in order top make the blog attractive in the eyes of the reader.

Simple Formula To Write Blog

Know your readers

Before you start writing a blog, you should know about your target audience. It is better to know about their area of interest in order to cater blogs according to their needs. You can ask your reader or buyer about possible topics for the blog. In this way you will able to know about the persona and interest of the reader as well as buyer.

If the buyer is starting a new business then you can write blogs on how to increase business through social networking sites for them. Information on how to approach the media can be given in this way as well. By creating a blog according to the buyer you can create a unique style for your blogging site.

Choose a topic

It is important to pick a title for the blog post. The title of the topic can be general. However you should list few titles in order to start writing about them. After choosing a topic you should create a working title for the topic as well. In this way you can write about a topic that can be specialized or generic. A working title can become a final one at the end of the process.

Write a captivating introduction

In order to grab the attention of the reader you should write an engaging and interesting introduction. If you cannot attract the interest of the reader with the first paragraph then they may wander off to some other blogging site in order to gather information. You should write a brief synopsis about the topic in the introduction.

Organize the content

If you want to provide detailed information on a topic then you should organize the article at the beginning. By organizing the information you will not intimidate the reader with the length of the article. Therefore an article can be categorized in the forms like lists, sections and tips to help the reader in perfect manner.

Writing the content

You should write the blog according to the points in order to make it effective in the eyes of the reader.

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