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The 5 Services Your Business Should Be Outsourcing

When you set up your business, what was the first thing you did? Did you roll up your sleeves and get to work building your office? It’s more likely that you contracted some tradies to do the heavy lifting for you. You most likely used an agent to help you rent a space that already existed.

The 5 Services Your Business Should Be Outsourcing Outsourcing is a natural part of business. Some things feel more natural to outsource than others. Finding experts who specialise in a certain field and employing them for particular jobs is a way to make you more efficient and help your business save money.

With the help of the search engine optimization, traffic of the site in increased. SEO is generally used as a marketing ploy to enhance business of the website.

There is a reason that almost 9 in 10 Australian businesses used freelance services in the second half of 2017. Below, we have a list of five essential outsources, from content writing services to web design, that you should be using to grow your business.

Web Development

There are more than 1 billion websites on the internet. About 75 million of those sites run on Wordpress. There is a lot of space for your customers to move on the internet. On top of that, a study of 2 billion web users by Chartbeat showed that, ‘55% spent fewer than 15 seconds actively on a page.’

The 5 Services Your Business Should Be OutsourcingThe Wordpress you set up in an afternoon might feel like it’s saving you money, but those easy to use templates cost you when it comes to how your customers view your site. Hiring a web professional makes you money by improving your brand image. Hiring that professional as a freelancer saves you money.

Fortunately, web developers are in abundance. Use a full-service digital agency like Squareweave in Melbourne or pick from thousands of local freelancers on the popular developer forum Stack Overflow.

Graphic Design

The 5 Services Your Business Should Be OutsourcingThis is not the same thing as web design! Your web developer could be an artist with code, but a complete novice when it comes to designing logos in Photoshop. People notice good and bad graphic designs, even if they don’t know they notice it.

According to Sydney based designer and Telstra Business Woman of the Year, Millie Cooper, “It takes roughly 0.05 seconds for a consumer to form an opinion of your business.” It is much more important to worry about the cost of a bad first impression, than the cost of hiring a designer.

Photography and Videography

The 5 Services Your Business Should Be OutsourcingWe all remember ads that we haven’t seen for years. Photo and video is adhesive content, that sticks in the mind of your customers.

When asked about the importance of various marketing tools, 37% of marketers said that visual images were the most important form of content for businesses, second only to blogging. Engaging photos and video are essential, and unfortunately the camera on your phone won’t cut it.

Fortunately, there is no shortage of options when it comes to finding freelance photographers.

Content Creation

The 5 Services Your Business Should Be OutsourcingThe importance of good quality content cannot be understated. People, particularly millennials and Gen Z, are sick of being “marketed” to. Your customers don’t trust traditional advertisements anymore. Instead, they’re chasing genuine information that they can trust.

A study by Lithium Technologies showed that 57% percent of young people didn’t trust adverts that appeared in social media feeds, but that 1 in 2 of that same group trust information in a blog post.

This means that your business must create content that is suitable for your audience. For Australian businesses, this means hiring content creators from within a writers marketplace, who speak the language that your customers speak.

A good copywriter creates engaging curated content to improve your market visibility. A freelance copy writer allows you to employ these expertise without the overhead of having to hire someone full time.

Marketing and Social Media

Did you know that every page of Google search results is now a different colour?

They aren’t actually, but you wouldn’t know if they were. Most people find what they need on the first page of results. Sites that appear on the first page of results receive 95% of clicks from any given search, with 32.5% going to the top result.

The 5 Services Your Business Should Be OutsourcingTo get your site to the top you need to make sure your written content and website is search engine optimised. This means being versed in Google Analytics, Open Site Explorer, Moz Local Listing Score, Google Trends – at least for starters.

On top of this, you need to be posting regularly on social media and make sure that your responsive to customers who reach out to you.

But maybe the idea of pouring over graphs and statistics makes your head spin. Or maybe you have other things to do outside of posting on Facebook. If so, hire a marketing expert. A marketing expert helps you develop a relationship with your customers, understand their needs, and cater to those needs.

A freelance marketing expert will be able to feed important keywords to your freelance copywriter, that will direct business to your custom website, that will capture the attention of the people who feed your business.

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